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 No chip Manicure.....$35

Better science  makes better products. The  paterment-pending formulation of solwents, monomers and polymers is Why Shellac. Plus it's hypo-allergenic and 3-FREE... containing no formaldehyde, toluene or DBP.
Shellac—stands miles apart from others in the market with the science and testing to back it up. Nail Professionals that participated in more than 4 years of controlled, blind testing said unanimously—there’s no comparison—not even close!   


Strong, beautiful, all-one-length natural
nails can be difficult to grow and maintain.
You use your hands for so many things
every day – working on the computer, crafting,
digging in your purse – that nails often suffer.
But you can have the nails you want – in fact,
your nails, only better – with the new
Axxium Gel System by OPI.
Available at ALLURE NAIL SPA Salon,
Axxium acts as an invisible layer of protection
for your nails, keeping them strong so
that they can grow without breaking. Plus,
Axxium gives your nails incredible shine.
And you won’t even know you’re wearing
gels – Axxium gels are virtually weightless,
and the finish is so sheer and flawess
that your own nails chow through